Physical Portal To The Metaverse

  • Introducing the most advanced multiplayer VR portal on the market & the worlds first theme park in a container.
  • 6-Player capacity with two 3-Player free-roam arenas.
  • The first ever automated hygiene, plug & play, outdoor or indoor solution.
  • Operational within 24 hours of delivery.
  • Everything included to start operating and earning revenue day 1, just add power.
  • Backpack free wireless free-roam experience.
  • Advanced hand tracking and full body avatar for controller free experience.
  • Payback as short as 12 months.

Mind Blowing Immersive Effects

Rumble Floors

Feel the action, motion & movement.

Heat Effects

Feel the heat of explosions and near-miss laser blasts.

Wind Effects

Feel the airflow change matching environmental feedback.

Pneumatic Air Blasts

Get 360 degree feedback on every move you make.

Tactile Interactions

See levers in-game and pull them in reality.

Physical Interactions

VR like never before—do more than shooter games.

We are only releasing a limited 2022 production run.

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Standalone Plug & Play Revenue Generating Machine


Drop and go, 5 parking spots 40×18’ footprint.

Plug & Play

Self contained, complete with HVAC, requires only basic power connection.


Open staging awning, add power and operational in under 24 hours.

Always Fresh

Universal interior allows for limitless game experiences produced annually


ADA compliant wheelchair access ramp comes standard


360 square foot staging area for multiple groups.

Comes in a Box, Stays in a Box

KEEP IT SIMPLE, No need for construction permits, downtime or any of the headaches that normally come with new attractions. Requires nothing more than the equivalent footprint of 5-parking spots and basic power. Add the most advanced mid-scale attraction available on the market today without expanding your facility or disrupting internal operations.

Minimal Footprint

Drop on any level surface outdoor or indoor immediately adding to any entertainment facility with no need for interior facility disruption or removal of existing revenue generating attractions.

Turnkey Ready

HVAC climate control, staging area add-a-room, wheelchair ramp, HTC VIVE Pro headsets, computer hardware and even furniture. Just plug in and start generating revenue.

Deep Signal

We are creating more than a simple one-off shooter game, we are creating a Metaverse of mind blowing multi-mission experiences. In our first episode, players are tasked with a mission of scientific investigation that quickly turns on its head as new and unexpected threats present themselves. Their mission changed, now the crew will have to steer their ship through “vexspace”, a means of space travel faster than the speed of light, while contending with aggressive forces attempting to stop them from reaching their destination at any cost. Explore a variety of locations and challenges, from far-off asteroid fields, to the persistence of alien attacks, and step out of what you know and into the beginning of a metaverse bigger than you can imagine.

Replay Value

Multiplayer missions with regional and global leadership boards for optimal repeat plays, visits and virality.

Your Choice, Your Story

Players decide how their experience unfolds with their choices and actions directly influencing the narrative.

Regular Content Refresh

Get access to newly developed games for the UNCONTAINED platform, keeping things fresh for your customers.

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