Immersive Tech Sends Clear Signal Hiring ‘The VOID’ Former Senior Executive Steven Dooner to lead UNCONTAINED Franchise Development

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, January 27, 2021.  With over 40-years of Location Based Entertainment (LBE) experience, Steven Dooner will play a pivotal role in fulfilling Immersive Tech’s goal of leading the LBVR industry to new heights.  Dooner brings valuable insight as The VOID’s former Senior Executive in charge of Development and location Deployment.

 Dooner joins the Immersive Tech Executive team as Director of Franchise Development with aggressive goals of launching the company’s UNCONTAINED Location-Based VR attractions to the entertainment market. With Dooner’s business expertise, industry knowledge, and promising agenda to expand Immersive Tech’s influence, the virtual reality company has much to look forward to. Immersive Tech is thrilled to have Dooner join the crew as a core contributor to its growth initiative and become a major asset to the UNCONTAINED franchise.

 Immersive Tech has successfully swept the LBVR world with its announcement of UNCONTAINED, a riveting, realistic attraction that offers a captivating VR experience inside a COVID safe shipping container. While taking the reins of its past competitor, The VOID, and evolving in a new direction, Immersive Tech has trusted Dooner with developmental planning execution and launch of UNCONTAINED across North America. Immersive Tech’s latest product was featured in Forbes.

 Immersive Tech’s CEO Tim Bieber says “Steven Dooner is an exceptional executive with a sincere drive for innovation and progressing the LBE industry forward.”  He adds “with experience spanning over 40-years, from the inception of Chuck E. Cheese franchise scale in the mid 70’s to senior positions launching many of Disney’s LBE initiatives including a $1.5B Tokyo Disney park expansion, he is a literal Guru in the industry and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have him on our team.”  His role as Director of Franchise Development will steamroll the franchise into impressive achievements, previously unfilled by The VOID.

 With over four decades of experience in the Location-Based Entertainment space, Dooner has more experience than almost anyone in the industry. His prior role as Development & Deployment chief for The VOID has empowered Immersive Tech with an innovative approach to franchising its attraction. Dooner’s remarkable record of career accomplishments showcase his most notable franchise endeavors involving the expansion of distinguished entities like Chuck E Cheese, ESPNZone, and a series of Disney launches such as Club Disney, DisneyQuest, and the major expansion of Tokyo Disneyland. His commendable growth management skills, leadership proficiency, and mere mastery of business buildout has fueled Immersive Tech’s confidence to branch out.

Dooner states that “Having spent my entire career in this industry, I have seen a variety of innovative concepts come to market.  In some cases, an existing concept is enhanced and refined to the point where it sets itself apart from the rest.  The Uncontained experience is one such concept.  Not only do they encompass the latest and best technology, but they have successfully addressed many of the capital and logistical concerns of the operator.” Dooner’s support will navigate Immersive Tech on a prosperous path with an effective business model, to further establish the company throughout both the LBVR and collaborative entertainment sectors.

About Immersive Tech

As an industry leader in blending amusement park engineering and video game development, Immersive Tech has established strong working relationships with top organizations including: Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Intel, Allegiant Airlines, Capital One, Scotia Bank, and the US Food and Drug Administration among others for brand activations at events like X-Games, Boston HubWeek and more. Immersive Tech has built highly sought after escape room experiences for some of the largest Family Entertainment groups globally including APEX Ent. and Kalahari Resorts over the past 4 years. Immersive tech also operates the newly launched company UNCONTAINED, the world’s first COVID safe free-roam AR/VR shipping container Location Based Entertainment franchise. For more info view the company’s latest highlight reel video or visit

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