Our Amusement Expo International 2021 Recap

Earlier this week Immersive Tech’s Steven Dooner was at Las Vegas, Nevada for Amusement Expo International 2021. To recap his experience, he put together some thoughts:

Hi everyone,

I will admit that I attended the expo with baited breath. Will people show up? What does the industry look like after COVID? Will there be food? Where is Bob Cooney’s robot?

I was thrilled to see as many people in attendance that I did. I was worried that this would be a lightly-attended show while people waited it out; but it looked almost as full as 2019. I went to the Nightclub and Bar Show in the adjacent hall, and I think the amusement expo had more attendees and exhibitors! (and the Nightclub and Bar Show had Jenny McCarthy!).

I was a bit disappointed by the VR presence at this show this year. I expected more vendors than I saw. I think many may be waiting for IAAPA. In talking with more than one manufacturer, the unifying thread that I heard was a lot of FEC’s “would love to do VR but don’t have the space”. One of them even said “that Uncontained concept is perfect because you can put it in your parking lot” (Thanks for the unsolicited endorsement).

From a personal perspective, it was great to see so many familiar faces – although they got old while I hadn’t – and the best part was to hug friends from 30+ years that I hadn’t seen in at least two years. I think the skies are clear and there is a great future ahead. Content and innovation is key, and I think that we have both.

The media could have done a better job of covering this show. They were more focused next door (but, to be fair, they did have alcohol-infused ice cream next door). I think IAAPA is going to be HUGE.


If you would like to connect with Steven, reach out at our contact page.

Immersive Tech will be bringing UNCONTAINED to IAAPA Expo 2021 in Orlando, FL, US. Stay tuned for more!

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